Provita products: Helping to boost lambs of all ages

ProVitaMin contains a range of chelated minerals, vitamins and 25 trace elements at optimal levels in an ultra-concentrated liquid drench form.  It can be used as an early lamb drench giving them an important nutritional boost to support growth and development, energy metabolism and better absorption of nutrients.

Colin Mc Eldowney, from Slaughtneil uses ProVitaMin on his 300 Lanark Blackfaces. In order to maximise the output achieved from this flock, he uses ProVitaMin on all his ewes to give them a boost in minerals and vitamins at critical times of the year. He also drenches all his lambs post weaning to enhance growth rates

“I drench all the lambs with ProVitaMin prior to weaning. This ensures that growth rates are not reduced, once they are taken off their mothers”

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Provita Colostrum used to protect every lamb

Terence Mc Laughlin runs a 330 ewe commercial flock near Dungiven. It consists of 150 crossbreed mules and 180 purebred Lanark type blackface ewes. All male lambs are finished mainly of grass from July onwards and some females are sold through the mart. The last of the crop were clipped and finished on slats in the house, recently making £100+ each.

Lambing is due to start on the farm on the 17th March. The crossbreed sheep are inside and get 1kg of meal plus good quality silage. This level of feeding will continue for twins after lambing starts but will stop for singles at this point.

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Provita colostrum gets lambs up and going quicker!

James McGuckian runs a flock of 140-strong Suffolk cross ewes and ewe lambs with his father Pat on the family’s Dunloy farm. The sheep enterprise was started 5 years ago in order to complement a well-established dairying business.

“We buy-in 100 ewe lambs in August/September each year,” said James “These are then put to a selection of Rouge and Kerry Hill tips. Lambing gets underway mid-way through March.

“Our aim is to sell the breeding females with lambs at foot in the local mart. The animals are kept on straw indoors until the lambs are two weeks old, at which stage they are sold on.

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Slaughtneil flockowner looking forward to a good lambing season

March 21st is the projected start to the lambing season on the Slaughtneil farm of Dermot McCullagh. He started housing his flock of Lanark Blackface cross ewes back at the beginning of January.

“All preparations have gone pretty much to plan,” said Dermot.

“The ewes are certainly, looking extremely well at the present time. They were scanned at around 185%. So I am looking forward to a good lambing season ahead.

“But scanning percentages count for very little, unless these can be translated into equally good figures when it comes to the number of lambs actually reared per ewe.”

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Provita Lamb Colostrum proves its worth on Innisrush Texel flock

The Innisrush flock of pedigree Texels was established by Portglenone breeder Philip Whyte back in 2005. Currently comprising 20 pure bred females, this elite breeding enterprise is run in tandem with 50 cross bred ewes.

“I also keep an additional four to five ewes for flushing purposes,” said Philip.

“In fact, I have been making extensive use of AI and embryo technology in order to fast track the rate of genetic improvement within the flock. My objective is to boost the size and depth of the ram lambs that are brought to market.

“And the results of the investment made are starting to be seen. Last year, I sold a ram lamb at the Ballymena Texel sale for 2,100gns.

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Quintuplets born to Charollais ewe on Castlederg farm

Early this January saw a pedigree Charollais ewe give birth to quintuplets on the Castlederg farm of the Foster family. The even better news is that the mother and all the new arrivals are doing well.

“We were expecting the ewe to produce four lambs, based on her scanning results,” said John Foster.

“The arrival of the fifth was a genuine surprise. All of the lambs are of a decent size and the fact that they are all progressing well represents a genuine boost at the start of the 2017 lambing season.”

The Fosters, owners of the renowned Springhill Texel and Charollais flocks, are totally committed to achieving the highest levels of performance form all of their sheep. John’s son Graham takes up the story.

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Provita Lamb Colostrum fed to every Artnagullion lamb within minutes of birth

The name McAllister is synonymous with the highest standards of pedigree sheep and cattle breeding. It’s a reputation that has been founded on the back of a tremendous commitment to sourcing the best genetics while, at the same time, applying the highest herd and flock management standards. And where young stock are concerned, this commitment kicks in within seconds of birth.

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Lambing and Calving products by Provita

Elizabeth McAllister and her son James administering Provita Lamb Colostrum

With the lambing and calving season now in full swing, there are many problems which can arise particularly in the damp and colder weather. Provita has a full range of products to help counteract the most common difficulties which can arise during this time of year. 

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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining!

David Jardine and his brother Jonathan own and manage a combined commercial sheep and pedigree Limousin cattle enterprise, near Dromara in Co Down.

“For the most part, I look after the sheep, which leaves Jonathan to concentrate on the cattle,” David explained.

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