Product Name

Provita Protect

Product description: 

Oral supplement providing high-level multi-strain probiotic bacteria to prevent diarrhoea in newborn calves.

Provita Protect is the only probiotic which is medicinally licensed for the prevention of calf scour. It has been clinically proven to reduce calf scour by 83%. To obtain this Veterinary Licence, it has undergone many years of rigorous testing to guarantee safety, efficacy and quality.

Provita Protect oral liquid suspension supplies 10 billion unique triple strain probiotic bacteria that rapidly colonise the sterile gut of the newborn calf. These unique probiotic bacteria prevent harmful pathogens such as E Coli from attaching to the gut wall through competitive exclusion. The probiotic bacteria also produce lactic acid therefore lowering the pH in the gut further inhibiting harmful pathogens. The combination of more bacteria and lower pH also improves digestion as demonstrated by a 31% increase in growth rates in clinical trials.

When to use:

Give to new born calves at birth; bought-in calves; after digestive upsets or after antibiotic therapy.

Unit Size:

Available in 100ml bottle with automatic dispenser.

Application per pack:

10 x 10ml preventation applications or 40 x 2.5ml individual applications.


Provita Eurotech Ltd operate a continuing surveillance programme in respect of Provita Protect oral suspension for newborn calves.

This includes collation and assessment of any complaints and/or suspected adverse reactions relating to this product.

If you experience any complaints and/or suspected adverse reactions, please contact Teresa Allen, QP. Tel (24hr) 078 1845 5318.

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