About Provita

Provita Eurotech Ltd has been developing, manufacturing and marketing natural animal health products for over 30 years. Our 15,000 square feet factory was purpose-built for the manufacture of animal health products and is the only GMP licensed facility for the production of veterinary probiotic products in the world. It is also FDA approved for the production of its world renowned Hoofsure range of products

The company’s continuous Research & Development strategy has allowed it to pioneer a range of natural animal health products  which aim to replace many antibiotic and traditional pharmaceutical approaches specific to cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, horses and small animals. These products all play a role in the maintenance of good health and improving animal performance naturally.  The Provita range of products fall into the following categories: probiotics, feed supplements, colostrum products, electrolytes, air purifiers and hoof care products, feed additives and mint gels.

Due to significant expansion and growth, Provita has acquired a new corporate headquarters.  Set in the beautiful Irish countryside the building, totalling 20,000 square adds to the 15,000 square feet in the existing production facility in Omagh. The new facility compromises office space, a custom-built laboratory, production quarters and extra storage space. This new building will support the increase in their manufacturing, product development and export capabilities.

Provita’s constant innovation will ensure further advances in the production of animal health products that will improve animal welfare and performance naturally.

“Provita has carried out extensive independent trial work in order to obtain the world’s first and only licence for a probiotic product for animals. Provita Protect is licensed for the prevention of scour, a major cause of death in young calves. Through our constant and continual research and development we are bringing innovative new products to offer natural protection for farm animals.”