Rumen Stimulant


Provita Rumen Stimulant

Product Description 

Provita Rumen Stimulant is a powder supplement that has been specifically formulated to restore rumen function. It is useful as a microbial stimulant to promote the rapid multiplication of the beneficial rumen microflora which is essential for normal digestion within the rumen. It provides essential microbial nutrients, vitamins and trace elements to promote the growth of rumen bacteria and buffers to counteract pH imbalances. The beneficial bacteria recreate the ideal intestinal conditions for optimum forage digestion. Provita Rumen Stimulant is antibiotic free.

The cost is approximately £4.22 per application.

When to use:      

First sign of rumen stasis or after calving, lambing, change of diet, transportation, adminstration of antibiotic or after operations.

Unit Size:          

12 x 100g foil sachets.

Application per box:

Adult cattle 1 or 2 sachets per day as needed.

Cattle less than 200kg 1/2 to 2 1/2 sachets as needed.

Sheep 1/4 sachet per day as needed.