Powerful Natural Solutions for Optimal Animal Health

Provita is helping reduce AMR as well as meeting consumer demands by developing products for a more natural approach to animal health

With significant new regulations aimed at antibiotic reduction to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) there is an immediate need to find more natural alternatives to boost the immunity by improving the gut microbiome using clinically proven feed additives, supplements, vitamins, or medicines such as the Provita Protect, the world’s first and only veterinary medicine that is actually an orally dosed probiotic. One that can massively reduce neonatal scours and pneumonia while at the same time significantly enhance immunity.

Vets, farmers and consumers are demanding alternatives that produce quality nutritious food efficiently, and as naturally as possible, to help ensure animal welfare.

By combining the power of nature with the strength of pharmaceutical technology we at Provita we are proud of our natural animal health products from clinically proven products such probiotics, colostrum supplements, immune boosting and fertility enhancing products to one of the world’s most widely used alternatives to deadly formaldehyde and toxic copper products used in cattle and sheep footbath with over 450 million cow passes across the world.

What our Customers say about us

I swear by Provita Response Paste, we have tried other products but none proved as effective as an insurance policy to ensure that our calf survival rate is as high as possible

Dairy farmer, Cornwall

From our first time using Provita Hoofsure I was very impressed with how quick it got to work. It really cut back on labour and was well worth the money

Jordan McGowan, Old Hemp Farm

We have not considered other brands, due to the consistency of results with Provita colostrum. We are grateful to not have any scour problems and very low mortality rates

Donagh Cottage Farm