Case Studies

McAllisters use Provita Lamb Colostrum within 15 minutes of birth
The name McAllister is synonymous with the highest standards of pedigree sheep and cattle breeding. It’s a reputation that has been founded on the back of a tremendous commitment to sourcing the best genetics while, at the same time, applying the highest management standards. Where young stock are concerned, this commitment kicks in within seconds of birth.

William and Elizabeth Mc Allister are the driving forces behind 200 elite Beltex, Charollais and Texel ewes. They farm near Kells in Co Antrim. The three flocks are all registered under the Artnagullion prefix. Significantly, every lamb born on the farm receives a dose of Provita Lamb Colostrum within 15 minutes of birth.
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Calf Scour Prevented
Stephen Glenn milks 200 cows with his brother Philip and father Leslie near Carryduff in Co Down. Calving takes the place the year around, apart from the months of June and July. Up to three years ago the family would have had trouble with young calves and, in particular, an issue with scours when they were put on to powdered milk, after having received colostrum.

“We were advised to dose the calves with the probiotic product Provita Protect, Stephen explained.
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Tremendous Condition in Breeding Ewes
David Jardine and his brother Jonathan own and manage a combined commercial sheep and pedigree Limousin cattle enterprise, near Dromara in Co Down. “We lost a significant number of lambs in the snow that fell last March,” he confirmed.

But every cloud has a silver lining. And for David Jardine this came courtesy of the tremendous condition that his breeding ewes were in come the back end of last year.“For the most part, I put this down to the fact that we drenched the stock with Provitamin which supplies very high levels of minerals and vitamins, initially in May and then again at the beginning of the autumn.  This was the first time that we had opted for an initial drench early in the year. Our thinking in so doing was to give the ewes a boost after the cold snap.
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Hoofsure for a healthier herd, farm and farmer
Research in America has found that copper has reached toxic levels in soils due to copper sulphate being used in footbaths. It was reported at the recent International Lameness Conference that fields which have gone toxic can no longer grow alfalfa.
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Foot bathing after every milking reduces lameness problems by 50%
The combined approach of foot bathing after every milking and the inclusion of Provita’s Hoofsure Endurance in the foot bathing solution has allowed Ballymoney dairy farmer Brian Knipe and his father Alfie to reduce the levels of lameness within his 100 strong cow dairy herd by almost 50%.”
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