Hoofsure Combat

Hoofsure Combat

Product Description:

Provita Hoofsure Combat is a unique film-forming spray containing tea-tree oil and organic acid providing persistent longer-lasting activity.  Combat should be used for spot spraying in parlour or during hoof trimming. Its waterproof, breathable film promotes natural healing.

The cost per application is approximately 33p (500ml x 50 applications)

When to use:

Dairy cows – at first sign of lameness, re-apply every milking for 3 to 7 days. Can be used after hoof trimming.

Sheep – at first sign of lameness, re-apply as needed. Can be used after hoof paring.

Unit Size: 

Available in 500ml and 250ml bottle with trigger sprayer.

Application per bottle:

Approximately 50 applications for 500ml and 25 application for 250ml.