BoviPhos – Adult Cows


Provita BoviPhos

Product description 

Provita BoviPhos is an oral phosphorous preparation that aids in the recovery of recumbent cows. It is rapidly absorbed within 1 hour together with a delayed release for 2-6 hours.  Its balanced formulation maintains the correct calcium to phosphorous ratio. It is a pH buffered drench that stabilises the pH in the rumen. Provita BoviPhos is palatable and readily accepted and swallowed by the cow.

When to use:

Immediatley after calcium infusion where there is known or suspected phosphorus deficiency.
On farms where cows require repeated calcium infusions for recumbent cow’s phosphorus deficiency can be suspected.

Unit Size:

500ml Plastic Drenching Bottle

Application be bottle:

1 application be bottle.