Provita is committed to the development of high quality, effective and safe products to meet the demands of an ever-changing global agricultural industry. Through a focused R& D programme Provita is committed to working with leading scientists and technologies to produce innovative products that will allow us to become a market leader in the biopharmaceutical industry.

In recent years Provita has developed from a successful company operating within a domestic environment to a global company exporting to more than 15 countries.  Our R&D programme has been re-directed and extended to reflect this.

Provita has had a pioneering role in the use of probiotics within the animal healthcare sector and developed the world’s first medicinally licensed probiotic for the prevention of scour in calves – namely Provita Protect for new born calves. Since then we have developed a range of probiotic products tailored for the specific needs of a wide range of species extending from commercial livestock to pets and exotic animals.

Additionally, Provita is a global market leader in a range of footcare products designed to assist in the management of lameness in livestock. It is appreciated at Provita that it is critical not merely to sell a product but to sell a solution.  To achieve this Provita utilises a highly trained technical sales team that continually provides farm-specific support and advice – and, in turn, the team provides valuable information to our research team, from our customers.

Through a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, the extensive Provita R&D pipeline includes projects involving primary research which will result in patented technology and also innovative product line extensions.

Provita has developed a network of global experts including veterinarians, pharmacists and microbiologists who form a core intellectual nucleus steering the R&D team.

Through a range of select partnerships with universities and industry, Provita has identified a number of global opportunities that have already resulted in the development of new products and patents; some of the projects currently in the pipeline are set to open up new areas of research offering platform technologies that will result in a wide range of product opportunities.