Canine Recovery

Product name:

Provita Canine recovery

Product description:

Antibiotic therapy, stress or a nutritional upset disturbs the balance of healthy gut bacteria. Provita Canine Recovery can restore the balance effectively and efficiently because it works fast. Provita Canine Recovery is a probiotic paste that supplies 1 billion cfu per ml of EU approved bacteria in a unique palatable formulation. It also contains vitamins A, D, E and B to help restore general health and condition. It presents excellent value and only costs £11.54 per 15ml application.

When to use:

At periods of anxiety such as birth, labour, pre-race stress and post race recovery, transportation and loss of appetite.

Unit size:

Available in 15 ml syringe tubes.

Application per tube:

2ml per day for 7 days.

This product can be ordered online (UK/Ireland Customers).