ProVitaMin drench for Sheep & Cattle:  Vitamin A Source for Eye Conditions and Animal Health in the Autumn Winter Period

Vitamin A Deficiency Vitamin A is one of the most overlooked and underestimated vitamins for cattle and sheep, especially in the autumn/winter period, and at calving/lambing. Vitamin A is important for the function of the immune system, the health of epithelial tissues, mucous membranes, the eye, and the central nervous system. It is also important … Read more

INOCULATE TO ACCUMULATE: The latest technologies explained

The good news for the dairy farming industry is that the Agricultural Price Index indicates that input cost inflation has eased. However, input costs remain historically high and with falling milk prices profit margins are being squeezed. The continuing uncertainty about changes to agricultural subsidy schemes is leading producers to review their future, and the … Read more

Trace Elements for Cattle & Sheep at Pasture

Deficiencies on Pasture Trace element and vitamin deficiencies can adversely affect performance, fertility and profitability in sheep and cattle. The four most important trace elements are cobalt, copper selenium and iodine. Trace element deficiencies can be inherent (low concentrations in soil) or induced (high concentrations of inhibitors.  The resultant conditions may be expressed either in … Read more

Late spring puts first cut silage date back on Co Down suckler beef and sheep farm

Co Down suckler beef producer Sam Chesney has used Provita Advance+ silage inoculant for 30 years!  Co Down suckler beef producer Sam Chesney reckons he will be making first cut silage two, or possibly three weeks, later than would normally be the case. And this is a direct consequence of the late spring and the … Read more

Marketing Executive

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES We are currently recruiting for a creative and dynamic Marketing Executive.  The successful applicant will be responsible for all aspects of marketing developments within the business.  From the creation of new marketing materials such as literature, advertising, social media, videos and website to creating and updating product packaging and label artwork. Develop … Read more

Trace Elements for Lambs

Written by Dr T.B Barragry PhD,MSc,MVB,MRCVS Physiologically, lambs are precision instruments and can be prone to a great number of health and productivity problems while on pasture. Adequacy of nutrient intake by the young lamb can be hit and miss in many cases, depending on weather conditions, soil type, parasitism, pasture quality and herbage type. … Read more

Increasing numbers of milk producers are turning to colostrum replacements

The growing threat of Johne’s Disease in Northern Ireland is encouraging significant numbers of dairy farmers to offer bespoke colostrum replacements to newborn calves. A case in point is Katesbridge milk producer John McGaffin, who farms with his father Hubert. The pair milk 125, mainly autumn calving cows, a mix of Holstein and Ayrshires. The … Read more

Production Manager

Provita Eurotech Ltd is a privately owned company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of natural animal health products.  We operate out of two sites from purpose-built GMP licensed facilities for the manufacture of animal health products. The Production Manager has responsibility for the management of product and process implementation, manufacturing, inventory management and distribution … Read more

Graphic Design & Digital Marketing Executive

Role Graphic Design & Digital Marketing Executive   Responsible To Head of Marketing   Based At Donaghcloney Site   Salary Competitive – based on experience   OUR PURPOSE Provita Eurotech Ltd is a privately owned company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of natural animal health products.  We operate out of two sites from purpose-built … Read more

Antibiotics: Replace, Rethink & Reduce, says the EU -Probiotics Can Be a Real Replacement Here

The Costs of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Antibiotic resistant pathogenic bacteria (Superbugs), currently responsible for 700,000 deaths a year, could kill more people than cancer by 2050 at a cost of £63 trillion to the global economy according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – the ability of micro-organisms to resist antimicrobial treatments, … Read more