Craigdoo flock benefits from Provita Sheep & Lamb products

The Grant brothers Mike, John and Patrick run the successful Craigdoo Suffolk and Blackie flocks near Kilcoo in Co Down. John and Patrick are veterinarians involved as a partner and a pig specialist, and sheep specialist respectively within the Parklands Veterinary Group. Their farm is situated 600ft above sea level near the Mourne mountains. The enterprises consist of 130 pure breed Lanark Blackface ewes, 75 pedigree Suffolk ewes, 500 commercial ewes, 7,000 finishing pigs and a suckler herd. Recent successes include receiving £9,000 for a Blackie at Lanark in 2017. The brothers are driven to achieve even more success in the future. With an extensive embryo transfer program this year, they are set to continue the rapid genetic progression of their flocks.

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Provita colostrum gets lambs up and going quicker!

James McGuckian runs a flock of 140-strong Suffolk cross ewes and ewe lambs with his father Pat on the family’s Dunloy farm. The sheep enterprise was started 5 years ago in order to complement a well-established dairying business.

“We buy-in 100 ewe lambs in August/September each year,” said James “These are then put to a selection of Rouge and Kerry Hill tips. Lambing gets underway mid-way through March.

“Our aim is to sell the breeding females with lambs at foot in the local mart. The animals are kept on straw indoors until the lambs are two weeks old, at which stage they are sold on.

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Provita Lamb Colostrum fed to every Artnagullion lamb within minutes of birth

The name McAllister is synonymous with the highest standards of pedigree sheep and cattle breeding. It’s a reputation that has been founded on the back of a tremendous commitment to sourcing the best genetics while, at the same time, applying the highest herd and flock management standards. And where young stock are concerned, this commitment kicks in within seconds of birth.

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Lambing and Calving products by Provita

Elizabeth McAllister and her son James administering Provita Lamb Colostrum

With the lambing and calving season now in full swing, there are many problems which can arise particularly in the damp and colder weather. Provita has a full range of products to help counteract the most common difficulties which can arise during this time of year. 

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ProVitaMin boosts flock performance levels in Co Down

Colum Woods runs an expansive upland sheep enterprise near Hilltown in Co Down, with a mix of Blackface, New Zealand Romney and Lleyn breed types featuring prominently within his ewe flocks.

“The focus is very much on spring lambing with most of the lambs sold as stores in the back end,” he said.

“Improving the number of lambs reared per ewe has been a key objective for the business over recent years, hence the inclusion of Romney and Lleyn bloodlines.”

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