Provita Protect and Calf Colostrum prevents calf scour

In spring 2017 Cavan Johnson who is a dairy farmer in Co Down struggled to control calf scour.  His veterinarian at Downe Veterinary Clinic contacted Provita to help investigate this case.

Provita visited the farm and assessed all aspects of current calf health management finding that hygiene was good, cows were vaccinated and calves were getting plenty of colostrum soon after birth.  Colostrum quality was assessed and found to be variable but acceptable in most cases.  Provita’s Tommy Armstrong therefore concluded that the colostrum hygiene should be tested.  Results showed that the colostrum itself was too high in bacteria and it represented a hygiene risk to the calves. At best, the colostrum antibodies were being used up fighting the bacteria it was introducing itself!  Indeed a recent survey in Northern Ireland by AFBI reported that some colostrum contained up to 17,000,000 cfu/ml of bacteria.  Provita in-house testing shows that both leaving colostrum at ambient temperature and thawing it out after freezing stimulates bacterial growth.

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Lambing and Calving products by Provita

Elizabeth McAllister and her son James administering Provita Lamb Colostrum

With the lambing and calving season now in full swing, there are many problems which can arise particularly in the damp and colder weather. Provita has a full range of products to help counteract the most common difficulties which can arise during this time of year. 

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New Calf Colostrum in a Mixing Bottle

Provita’s popular calf colostrum will now be available in a convenient mixing bottle. It is the same easy mix 300g powder that is currently available in sachet and multipack form. The concentrate powder contains natural dried colostrum, egg powder, probiotics, vitamins and mineral plus a full nutritional feed which is high in energy. It will … Read more

Provita attend Royal Ulster Winter Fair

Provita will be attending The Royal Ulster Winter Fair, Stand 148. Visitors will see the highest quality of dairy cattle on show as well as having the opportunity to find out what the industry has to offer. Provita will be on hand to offer advice and services to the dairy farming industry. This year’s Royal … Read more