Provita Colostrum used to protect every lamb

Terence Mc Laughlin runs a 330 ewe commercial flock near Dungiven. It consists of 150 crossbreed mules and 180 purebred Lanark type blackface ewes. All male lambs are finished mainly of grass from July onwards and some females are sold through the mart. The last of the crop were clipped and finished on slats in the house, recently making £100+ each.

Lambing is due to start on the farm on the 17th March. The crossbreed sheep are inside and get 1kg of meal plus good quality silage. This level of feeding will continue for twins after lambing starts but will stop for singles at this point.

Keeping as many lambs alive as possible is essential to achieving some profitability in sheep farming.

Newborn lambs are susceptible to hypothermia and energy deficiency.  Provita Jump Start is high in energy, minerals and vitamins to provide instant and slow release energy and to counteract common deficiencies. 

Provita Lamb Colostrum can be used to supplement or substitute maternal colostrum and contains natural EU sourced colostrum, high levels of egg powder and a readily available supply of energy, minerals and vitamins. Reports have previously misunderstood the mode of action for Provita products, and they also underestimate the power of our probiotics to boost active immunity. Provita are still the only company to gain a medicinal licence for a probiotic, Provita Protect POM-VPS, and this technology is transferred to other products in the range.

“I use Provita Lamb Colostrum powder on all lambs born indoors and all blackface twins or triplets born outside. I also use Provita Jump Start on single blackface lambs. When lambing so many you don’t have time to hold lambs under ewes, or milk ewes to ensure every lamb gets a suck. Also I’ve tried cow’s colostrum and again it can be too slow to use plus it’s a disease risk. Instead I’m happy to use Provita products to give the lambs the best possible start, it gives me peace of mind and is quicker and more convenient to use. The lambs all get up and suck quicker from their own mothers. Since using it for every lamb I’ve had much less losses. Provita lambing products are doing a good job for me; they are more expensive than other products out there but worth it” confirmed Terence.

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