Provita products: Helping to boost lambs of all ages

ProVitaMin contains a range of chelated minerals, vitamins and 25 trace elements at optimal levels in an ultra-concentrated liquid drench form.  It can be used as an early lamb drench giving them an important nutritional boost to support growth and development, energy metabolism and better absorption of nutrients.

Colin Mc Eldowney, from Slaughtneil uses ProVitaMin on his 300 Lanark Blackfaces. In order to maximise the output achieved from this flock, he uses ProVitaMin on all his ewes to give them a boost in minerals and vitamins at critical times of the year. He also drenches all his lambs post weaning to enhance growth rates

“I drench all the lambs with ProVitaMin prior to weaning. This ensures that growth rates are not reduced, once they are taken off their mothers”

Colm and Enda Mc Aleer run a small purebred and commercial flock near Dungannon. They have a nucleus of 20 purebred Suffolk ewes and 40 commercial Suffolk Mule crosses and Mule’s.

“Using ProVitaMin has boosted ewe and lamb performance in terms of fertility and growth rate. This resulted in an extra ½ lamb per ewe sold for us last year. With lambs making good money last year this would be worth an extra £50 per ewe gross profit. Using ProVitaMin is very cost effective,”

Lambs between 6 and 12 weeks can be given 1ml/5kg, weaned lambs can be given 3.5ml and store lambs can be given 7ml of ProVitaMin sheep drench. 

Provita Lamb Response is an oral supplement providing beneficial bacteria, egg powder and vitamins to help protect the sterile gut, fight harmful bacteria and stimulate the immune system.  Newborn lambs are also susceptible to hypothermia and energy deficiency.  Provita Jump Start is high in energy, minerals and vitamins to provide instant and slow release and to counteract common deficiencies.  Provita Lamb Colostrum can be used to supplement or substitute maternal colostrum and contains natural EU sourced colostrum.

The Grant brothers Mike, John and Patrick run the successful Craigdoo Suffolk and Blackie flocks near Kilcoo in Co Down. The enterprises consist of 130 pure breed Lanark Blackface ewes, 75 pedigree Suffolk ewes, 500 commercial ewes, 7,000 finishing pigs and a suckler herd. Mike Grant explained exactly why the health of their newborn lambs is so important to the family farm:

“Getting lambs going at the start and keeping them going is important and vital to meeting our targets. We do try to get as many lambs to suck colostrum from their mother as is physically possible. They will receive either natural colostrum or Provita Lamb Colostrum Concentrate powder within 10 to 30 minutes of birth. Every lamb born inside also gets Provita Lamb Response to give them a good start. Weak lambs also get Jump Start energy and mineral boost to get them up quickly. With so many lambing at the one time the Provita lambing products are great for us in trying to keep as many alive as possible”.

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