Hoofsure Konquest Against Antibiotics!

Provita developed Hoofsure Konquest hoof gel in conjunction with Queens University Belfast and Roger Blowey. Konquest hoof gel is a concentrated blend of organic acids and essential oils.  It is formulated to possess bio-adhesive and potent penetrating action so it sticks to the skin and hoof and effectively gets to the source of infection.  Provita have ongoing studies with Konquest hoof gel versus commercially available antibiotic aerosol sprays.  Early results have been very promising.  Cure rates are an impressive 75% after 28 day revisits for selected active DD lesions.  For this study, Konquest was applied under gauze and lightly wrapped before removal in the parlour not more than 24 hours later.  These early results are certainly encouraging and confirmed anecdotal results seen in the field from commercial users.

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Lameness Talks by Rodger Blowey

Lameness Talks by Rodger Blowey

Provita and Pfizer Animal Health have joined forces to organise two farmers’ meetings, the key speaker at each which will be leading veterinarian and cattle lameness expert Roger Blowey. The venues are: The Dunsilly Hotel Antrim, on Wednesday February 22nd and the Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh on Thursday February 23rd. Each event commences at 7.45pm. Both farmers’ meetings … Read more

Konquest hoof gel reduces lameness

Provita has just launched a new hoofcare product that has been designed to assist with hoof management on dairy farms. Provita Konquest hoof gel should be used for wrapping on hoof infections. The product combines organic acids and tea tree oil in a highly concentrated gel which have potent penetration action. The product has advanced bio-adhesion … Read more