Konquest hoof gel reduces lameness

Provita has just launched a new hoofcare product that has been designed to assist with hoof management on dairy farms.

Provita Konquest hoof gel should be used for wrapping on hoof infections.

The product combines organic acids and tea tree oil in a highly concentrated gel which have potent penetration action. The product has advanced bio-adhesion properties which help the gel stick to skin and hoof. Konquest is formulated to remain stable in warm weather but flexible in cold weather allowing it to be spread easily in all conditions.

Co Armagh dairy farmer Graham Smith milks 80 cows – a mix of Ayrshires and Holsteins. Traditionally, the weeks after housing tend to throw up more problems with hoof infections than is the case at any other time of the year.

“We had to house the milking cows a full month earlier than would normally be expected because of the very wet weather in late September and October,” he explained.

“No matter how often we scrape out, feet problems tend to raise their head once we get the cows inside. And 2011 has proven to be no different in this regard. A freshly calved cow developed quite a bad a foot infection just over a week ago. Upon washing the foot the inflamed red area between the digits was very visible.

“The decision was taken to use Konquest on the infected foot. We applied the product, using the tube and then pressed the gel into the affected area using a paper towel.

“I was very genuinely surprised with the results achieved. Within minutes the inflamed area had changed from being ‘angry red’ in colour to a pale cream while the next day the actual locomotion of the cow had improved dramatically.

“We have kept a particular eye on the cow in question over the last few days and she is now totally sound on all four feet.”

Graham concluded:

“I know that Provita recommend the use of a bandage with Konquest. However, the results we achieved without going to those lengths were genuinely impressive.”

Konquest was developed in conjunction with Queens University and has been successfully trialled on 4200 hooves on farms across Northern Ireland over the past year.

While Konquest should be used as part of a routine herd management programme in severe cases farmers should consult their veterinarian about combining antibiotics along with hoof wrapping for better results.

Konquest is easy to use on skin lesions around the hoof, just scrape off or wash dead tissue, cover affected area with gel and apply a hoof wrap bandage where necessary . Remove bandage after 3 days. Repeat 7 days later if required. For claw lesions, trim hooves and follow the same process.

Konquest is now available in 300 ml silicone type tubes with a RRP of £15.  Averaging 10g per wrap, a tube will typically give 30 applications – costing only 50p per usage. A limited introductory deal of buy 1 get 1 FREE is available.

For more information call Provita’s Tommy Armstrong on 07720101444 or 08003284982. E mail info@provita.co.uk