Hoofsure Konquest Against Antibiotics!

Provita developed Hoofsure Konquest hoof gel in conjunction with Queens University Belfast and Roger Blowey. Konquest hoof gel is a concentrated blend of organic acids and essential oils.  It is formulated to possess bio-adhesive and potent penetrating action so it sticks to the skin and hoof and effectively gets to the source of infection.  Provita have ongoing studies with Konquest hoof gel versus commercially available antibiotic aerosol sprays.  Early results have been very promising.  Cure rates are an impressive 75% after 28 day revisits for selected active DD lesions.  For this study, Konquest was applied under gauze and lightly wrapped before removal in the parlour not more than 24 hours later.  These early results are certainly encouraging and confirmed anecdotal results seen in the field from commercial users.

Roger Blowey was selected to give an oral presentation on different bandaging techniques at the recent International Lameness Conference in Japan. In short, it evaluated the difference between 7 day treatment bandage times versus lighter 2 day treatment bandage times. 7 day bandage times did result in increased moisture around the coronary band and one cow did go on to develop foul 3 days after bandage removal which was a direct consequence of interdigital skin trauma from the bandage material. The study concluded that prompt removal of bandages within 2 days is advocated due to the high moisture within the bandage when cows are passing through foot baths.  Also Roger presented initial findings from the aforementioned Konquest gel study that received notable interest from researchers, veterinarians and hoof trimmers from various parts of the world.


Written by George Shaw, MPharm MPSNI, Technical Adviser, george.shaw@provita.co.uk, 07841 926219.  *references available on request