NEW PRODUCT: BUD GUARD for after debudding

Bud Guard is the latest new product from Provita Animal Health to spray on wound after debudding. It is antibiotic free and contains a unique film-forming agent that creates a water-proof barrier to help prevent contamination and aid quick wound healing.  The physical barrier from the spray helps to seal the wound and reduce bleeding if accidentally hit by calves when returned to pens or pasture.

Bud Guard contains antibacterial and antifungal properties from the essential oils that help to kill any contaminants. For use once calf has been properly debudded with hot iron under anaesthesia.  It is simple to use, spray until wound is sufficiently covered.

Horned cattle are a major management problem on farm, causing significant risks for both handlers and other stock.  Therefore calves should be debudded as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary dehorning procedures undertaken by vets only.  Dehorning does carry greater risks due to handling and side effects like cattle not thriving due to the pain and stress. Debudding is less likely to see regrowth of horn tissue as smaller buds are easier to remove completely by hot iron which is the preferred method.  Also there will be less impact on thrift after debudding younger calves as appropriate anaesthesia and pain relief under adequate restraint can be done easily.

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