Provita Advance+ – the multi-purpose, effective inoculant

Provita Advance+ silage inoculant is a unique formulation combining EU approved and UFAS approved lactic and acetic acid bacterial strains at a guaranteed rate of 1.2 million cfu per g of forage. Performance benefits include +1 litre of milk per cow per day and up to +30% better growth rates. Better fermentation is also shown with 46% more sugar, 33% less ammonia and double stability time at feed out. (Source: EU reg data and in-house data)

Co Armagh dairy producer and owner of Ballylisk Dairies, Dean Wright, uses Advance+ on all forage types. He took the decision a few years ago to have his own silage equipment to give him the best control of his silage quality.  Dean feels he gives himself the best opportunity for optimum cutting dates, weather, grass quality and other factors when it comes to silage making.  With Dean taking more control of his silage operations, he knows the importance of achieving the best possible fermentation and preservation of the silage.  That is why he chooses to use Advance+ on every crop and has done consistently for over 5 years.  Annual forage analysis and mini-silo tests confirm every time the benefit of applying Advance+ to forage.  Each analysis returns levels of dry matter, metabolizable energy, pH, sugars, protein and D-values that are always superior to untreated samples adding extra value to the silage and results in a genuine return of investment for the farm.  Dean is targeting more milk production from forage and making the best quality silage with the help of Advance+ is key to this goal.  Dean explains:

‘I have used Provita Advance+ on grass and wholecrop. The results are and fermentation are great’

Independent Feeds, a Cheshire based company are a fantastic partner in distributing Provita Advance+ under the name Provita Provance in Great Britain. Andrew Henderson, Independent Feeds:

‘I have sold silage inoculant for over twenty years and took the decision to move to Provita’s inoculant in 2017, as their data from mini-silo tests was very encouraging. We have performed mini-silo tests ourselves for the last two years and have therefore been able to show the benefits to farmers as they can see their own farm results. Over 90% of the people re-ordered in our second year, on the back of the great success rate they had seen, and sales continue to grow year on year. Thousands of treated tonnes confirmed for 2019 season’

One of Andrews customers Mark Truman who milks 300 cows in Leicestershire commented ‘I noticed when handling the treated silage that it was much stickier and smelt sweeter, this was confirmed by analysis.’


Written by George Shaw, MPharm MPSNI, Technical Adviser,, 078 41 92 6219.  *references available on request


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