Visit Provita at Balmoral 2019 – Stand AP47

Provita are delighted to be exhibiting at Balmoral Show, 15th – 18th May 2019.  Visit us in the Agri-Pavilion, stand AP47 for great show offers on all ranges and animal health advice – with a focus on increasing milk yield.

Vital Boost: Should be offered to a freshly calved cow within 1 hour after calving for maximum effect to provide vital nutrients and minerals to combat common postpartum disorders, and boost cows in early lactation or suckling. Vital Boost contains complementary ratios of essential macronutrients to enhance milk fever prevention and it offers high energy for immediate cow recovery after calving.

The large volume drink aids full rumen expansion to avoid displaced abomasum, increase gut motility and encourage swift return of cow appetite so that early feed intake is stimulated to further enhance early lactation production. This is confirmed by preliminary in-house studies showing an average milk yield increase of 4 litres per day at 30 DIM and 1.5 litres per day at 60 DIM.

ProVitaMin: Mineral and vitamin drenches provide a range of chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements in an ultra-concentrated liquid drench to improve fertility, growth, performance and thriftiness in sheep.

Digital Dermatitis (DD) is an infectious condition which is one of the major causes of lameness. It can spread quickly through the herd and will reduce milk yield by at least 1 litre per cow, per day.

Hoofsure Range: Provita has a range of products including Hoofsure Endurance, footbath solution; Hoofsure Combat, a film-forming spot spray and Hoofsure Konquest, a highly concentrated hoof gel. These products work together as part of a treat and control programme to help maintain good hoof health and condition, and to help reduce lameness in dairy cattle and sheep.

Advance+ Silage Inoculant: Provita Advance+ is the only silage inoculant manufactured in Northern Ireland to EFSA, UFAS and feed standards. It contains three unique strains at a 1.2 million bacteria per g of forage and produces lactic and acetic acid to improve fermentation and stability. This can result in better animal performance, higher milk yields and less waste.

Call to Stand AP47 to learn more about what products and services we have to help you increase your milk yield and for further details and information on all products, promotions and services.