Foot bathing after every milking reduces lameness problems by 50%

The combined approach of foot bathing after every milking and the inclusion of Provita’s Hoofsure Endurance in the foot bathing solution has allowed Ballymoney dairy farmer Brian Knipe and his father Alfie to reduce the levels of lameness within his 100 strong cow dairy herd by almost 50%.”

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Hoofsure for a healthier herd, farm and farmer

Research in America has found that copper has reached toxic levels in soils due to copper sulphate being used in footbaths. It was reported at the recent International Lameness Conference that fields which have gone toxic can no longer grow alfalfa.

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Tremendous turnout for cattle lameness workshop

Veterinarian Roger Blowey has highlighted the increasing importance of digital dermatitis (DD) related infections that appear to be affecting the skin and hoof.  Speaking at a Cattle Lameness Workshop, hosted by Jubilee Veterinary Practice on David and Stephen Jackson’s farm in Bangor, he added:

“The first of these conditions, commonly referred to as toe necrosis or seedy toe, is seen as a non-healing, stinking open sore at the toe.

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Farmer successfully controlling lameness

Steven Robinson milks 125 Holstein Friesian cows at Longber Farm, near Lancaster. Until recently, he had been foot bathing the cows using a mix of Copper Sulphate and Formalin. However, ten months ago, after consulting with his local farm merchant, Steven decided to change to Provita Hoofsure Endurance. Since then he has been walking the … Read more

Talks by Roger Blowey on the latest knowledge in reducing lameness in dairy cattle

Provita, Pfizer and Moore Concrete have organised three free talks by Roger Blowey on the latest knowledge in reducing lameness in dairy cattle. Lameness is estimated to cost £9,900 per 100 dairy cows, (Defra 2007) and is one of the biggest problems within the industry. These meetings represent a tremendous opportunity for milk producers to … Read more

Visit Provita at Livestock 2012 4th & 5th September

Livestock 2012 4th and 5th September, NEC, Birmingham, UK Organised by RABDF, Livestock 2012 is the leading event for the livestock sector in the UK. It attracts more than 16,000 visitors a year and presents a unique opportunity for farmers, herdsmen, consultants, processors and retailers from all over the world to see the best dairy … Read more

Lameness Talks by Rodger Blowey

Lameness Talks by Rodger Blowey

Provita and Pfizer Animal Health have joined forces to organise two farmers’ meetings, the key speaker at each which will be leading veterinarian and cattle lameness expert Roger Blowey. The venues are: The Dunsilly Hotel Antrim, on Wednesday February 22nd and the Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh on Thursday February 23rd. Each event commences at 7.45pm. Both farmers’ meetings … Read more

Konquest hoof gel reduces lameness

Provita has just launched a new hoofcare product that has been designed to assist with hoof management on dairy farms. Provita Konquest hoof gel should be used for wrapping on hoof infections. The product combines organic acids and tea tree oil in a highly concentrated gel which have potent penetration action. The product has advanced bio-adhesion … Read more

Digital dermatitis: footbathing critical

The following article appeared in Farming Life, Sat 29th October, 2011. DairyCo figures have highlighted that a quarter of the British dairy herd is lame at any one time, costing farmers an average of £180 per case through lost milk sales, treatments and reduced activity. Traditionally around 25% of all lameness has been associated with digital … Read more