New thinking on lameness to be discussed at talks on the 21st February

Veterinarian Roger Blowey will be highlighting the link between body condition score and the cows’ predisposition to lameness during the talks he will be addressing in Northern Ireland on Tuesday February 21st. The events will be co-hosted by Provita, Moore Concrete and Barclay’s Bank.

“This association can be best picked up with freshly calved heifers coming into the milking group for the first time,” said Blowey.

“If they are overly thin, then the digital cushion on which they walk will be likewise affected. And, as a consequence, these animals will be more prone to lameness-related problems. The same principle holds with mature cows.”

Blowey will also be discussing the impact of digital dermatitis on dairy cow performance.

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Tremendous turnout for cattle lameness workshop

Veterinarian Roger Blowey has highlighted the increasing importance of digital dermatitis (DD) related infections that appear to be affecting the skin and hoof.  Speaking at a Cattle Lameness Workshop, hosted by Jubilee Veterinary Practice on David and Stephen Jackson’s farm in Bangor, he added:

“The first of these conditions, commonly referred to as toe necrosis or seedy toe, is seen as a non-healing, stinking open sore at the toe.

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