Focus on ‘Protect’ at Connon Farm Merchants

February 8th, Provita’s Tommy Armstrong will be in attendance at Connon Farm Merchants to discuss with customers the absolute necessity of giving newborn calves the best possible start and, in this context, the valuable role that can be played by Provita ‘Protect’ One direct impact of last year’s poor grazing season and the subsequent fall-off … Read more

Provita Protect Demonstration, 8th February

Provita and Connon General Merchants will be hosting a Protect Demonstration on the Connon family farm at Crebilly near Ballymena on Wednesday February 8th at 1pm. “We run a herd of 160 suckler cows,” Francis confirmed. “Each calf receives Protect as soon as it is born. Experience with the product has confirmed that it significantly reduces … Read more