Focus on ‘Protect’ at Connon Farm Merchants

February 8th, Provita’s Tommy Armstrong will be in attendance at Connon Farm Merchants to discuss with customers the absolute necessity of giving newborn calves the best possible start and, in this context, the valuable role that can be played by Provita ‘Protect’

One direct impact of last year’s poor grazing season and the subsequent fall-off in silage quality has been the deterioration in the quality of colostrum produced by cows. This, in turn, will reduce the newborns’ ability to fight off disease.

One way of ensuring that all newborn calves get the required immunity booster they need is to administer Provita Protect, the first and only probiotic licensed for the treatment of scours in the UK

Provita’s Tommy Armstrong takes up the story:

“It is crucially important for a young calf to get colostrum as soon as possible after birth,” he explained

“However, Protect, when administered to a calf within the first 30 seconds of life, serves to fill the young animal’s gut with millions of naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria. This helps to physically exclude harmful pathogens from attaching to the gut wall.”

He continued:

“Protect also contains a large number of natural probiotics, similar to those found in actual colostrum. It is the only probiotic proven to reduce scours in young calves. It is a totally unique product in terms of its efficacy, quality and stability.

“Protect works in the gut, not the stomach.  Trials have confirmed that the use of Protect will reduce calf scours by 83% and increase average calf growth rates by 31%.”

Tommy Armstrong will be at Connon’s between 10.00am and 4.00pm next Friday. For further information, contact Provita on (028) 82252352, Tommy Armstrong on 07720101444 or e mail: