Semi-automated footbathing system including a footbath FREE with quantity of Hoofsure Endurance

Footbathing can often be a tedious job, and can be neglected due to other farming commitments such as silage season or other field work. It can be very difficult to ensure that the dilution rate is correct in every footbath. Studies have shown that 93% of footbaths are used incorrectly. Also the handling of chemicals can be dangerous.

Provita are currently offering a bespoke semi-automated system which can help solve the problems which come with footbathing. Initially it is supplied at cost price, the cost can be recouped by extra Hoofsure Endurance supplied for free as part of a commitment to volume purchases over time.

The system can be tailored to the farm’s specific requirements and each of the elements below can be customised to suit.

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