Regular footbathing reduces lameness levels by up to 70%

DairyCo research has shown that 35 cows out of 100 will have lameness problems if footbathing is not carried out.  “This is a median figure,” added Provita’s Tommy Armstrong.

 “In comparison, figures drop down to 20 cows out of 100 on farms footbathing during housing.  Even better results are achieved on farms that are footbathing all year round, with the figure dropping down to 10 cows per 100.  This represents a 70% reduction in the overall scale of the problem, one that is costing the dairy sector millions of pounds in terms of lost production.”

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Regular Footbathing helps to prevent Lameness in Sheep

Denver McCall, from Madden in Co Armagh, runs a 400 strong flock of Spring lambing Suffolk cross Mule ewes. “We use a selection of Texel tips to produce a high quality finished lamb,” Denver confirmed to Farming Life. Denver believes that total attention to detail is the key to successful sheep production. To this end, … Read more