Silage Inoculant Applicator Deals Available

Provita can provide farmers and contractors with the means to apply Advance+ silage inoculant accurately on all types of silage making machines. Cab controlled non-blocking powder, standard liquid, digitally controlled liquid and ultra-low volume systems are available. These can fit self-propelled machines, trailed harvesters, balers and silage wagons. Competitive deals are available when using these machines along with Provita Advance+. 

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Total Attention to Detail is the Real Secret Behind Good Silage Making

This week saw the 2013 UGS Grassland Farmer of the Year Albert O’Neill, from Artigarvan in North Co Tyrone, sowing fertiliser on silage ground. However, preparation for this year’s silage season got underway prior to Christmas when all the relevant fields were soil tested. “We produce about 2,000 tonnes of grass silage each year and … Read more