ProVitaMin: Tried and Tested by farmers across Northern Ireland

Farmers across Northern Ireland continue to trust ProVitaMin to help correct deficiencies, improve fertility and growth rates amongst their flocks.

Paddy and Michael Mullan run the family farm Drimhill, near Swatragh which sits 1000 feet above sea level. Their farm consists of 350 ewes, consisting of 300 purebred Lanark Blackfaced ewes, 40 crossbred mules and 10 purebred Leister ewes, and 30 suckler cows.

‘Fifty of our best Lanark ewes are put to a Lanark ram to bring through our replacements. The ten purebred Leister ewes were bought from Midlock, one of the top Leister breeders in Scotland. These ewes are AI with quality crossing-type rams to produce the mule ewe lambs that we are aiming for on the farm and to sell at the local market.’

It is important to them that their sheep are the right size and have a good body condition and coat. They use ProVitaMin, an ultra-concentrated drench to ensure maximum bioavailability for fertility in ewes and it has paid dividends.

‘All our AI ewes are drenched pre-tupping and we have seen great conception rates, this year 90% of our ewes conceived. We were very pleased with these results. Since using ProVitaMin the fertility levels in our flock have increased significantly. We would definitely recommend the product’, confirmed Paddy.

‘We use ProVitaMin before lambing and we have found that the lambs are a lot livelier.’

Kevin Convery runs Upland Farm, just off the Glenshane Pass comprising of Cheviot ewes and Cheviot cross with Suffolk. In order to maximise the output achieved from this flock, he uses ProVitaMin on all his ewes to give them a boost in minerals and vitamins at critical times of the year.

‘I find that ProVitaMin works really well, we’ve seen great results for better fertility in ewes and for thrive in lambs. The lambs get up and going a lot quicker. This also ensures that growth rates are not reduced, once they are taken off their mothers’

ProVitaMin contains a range of chelated minerals, vitamins and 25 trace elements, at an optimal level, in an ultra-concentrated liquid drench form. These will provide breeding ewes with that all important nutritional boost pre-tupping and enhance lamb growth rates post weaning.

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