Controlling Lameness in Sheep during the summer

Lameness is a major health and welfare problem in the UK. A study by Professor Laura Green, at the University of Warwick calculated that lameness cost UK farmers between £70M and £210M annually.* During summer months lameness problems can be higher due to higher stocking rates, longer grass and damp conditions.

An independent study on the effectiveness of footbath solutions for sheep with feet problems showed improvements after one pass through a footbath containing Hoofsure Endurance 2%*

James and William Kenning run a 100 ewe flock, comprising of Texel lambs and Suffolks, near Desertmartin. For them the main occurrence of footrot happens during the summer and they confirm that controlling the problem is a high priority for them.

‘We footbath our flock every three weeks, throughout the summer. We use Hoofsure Endurance at 2% and have done so the past two years. For us it is important to stop the spread of footrot and to tackle it before the problem spreads. Using Hoofsure Endurance has worked well for us; it controls the levels of lameness in our flock. We had used other products before Hoofsure Endurance, but there were always negatives to these products.’

Kevin Convery runs Upland Farm, just off the Glenshane Pass comprising of Cheviot ewes and Cheviot cross with Suffolk. He recognises that lameness can have a negative impact on body condition in ewes, meaning that come breeding season this can be detrimental to the conception rates his ewes achieve.

‘When I have my ewes in for drenching, I will run them through a footbath of Hoofsure Endurance. I would normally footbath our lambs every four weeks. A footbath of Hoofsure Endurance mixed at 2% allows for up to 400 sheep passes, so I will often run the flock through the footbath a couple of times.’

Hoofsure Endurance footbath solution is a propriety blend of organics acids, essential oils and wetting agents.

Hoofsure Konquest Hoof Gel is highly concentrated with potent penetrating action. It also has advanced bio-adhesion properties and can be used with or without a hoof bandage.

Hoofsure Combat Hoof Spray is a unique film-forming spray providing persistent longer lasting activity.

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