Lameness reduced by farmers on the Hoofsure HELP Service

Arthur Hanna, runs 130 Holstein Friesian cows in Armoy, Co Antrim, and recently availed of Provita Hoofsure HELP service. Arthur explained they had been using traditional footbathing products, but the lameness problem was still getting worse. However, since starting the Hoofsure HELP programme and following the more aggressive daily plan set out by Kieran Donnelly from Provita, his herd lameness levels have dropped significantly.


“Initially in November 2017 around 60% of my herd had active DD so footbathing with Hoofsure Endurance 5% was done every day for 3 weeks, we also spot-sprayed bad cases with Hoofsure Endurance 25% or Hoofsure Combat ready to use spray which forms a film for extra protection.  I could soon see the DD healing with scabs going brown or black and falling off.  The dilution rate was reduced every 3 weeks and the protocol is currently a daily footbath of Hoofsure Endurance 2%.  The same mix lasts for 2 days so it’s economical to use. Hoofsure Endurance has helped me reduce the DD problem down to around 10% and I have less lame cows, but I will keep control measures in place. The cows are now milking better as they are not annoyed by sore feet. I can recommend it to other dairy farmers with confidence, but for it to work it must be used according to a tailored plan under the Hoofsure HELP service.”


Pat Lenehan and his nephew Pete milk 70 cows in Crossmaglen.  Following a Hoofsure HELP consultation with Kieran, a pre-cast concrete footbath set-up was situated in their parlour allowing a full side of cows to exit the parlour before they reached the footbath which allows more dominant cows to walk through more rapidly and the more hesitant cows to have space and go through at their own pace.  Cows are footbathed at every evening milking.  When Kieran scored the herd for digital dermatitis (DD) as part of the HELP service, the vast majority had DD.  A protocol with a high concentration of Hoofsure Endurance footbath solution was put in place for 2 months with positive results visible two weeks into the programme – active DD reduced from 85% to 20%.  Once DD levels were low with infection pressure down, the concentration of Hoofsure Endurance used each evening has reduced.


Andrew Dale milks 110 Fleckvieh and Fleckvieh-cross cows near Limavady in partnership with his parents. Rolling yields are around 6,300 litres. Andrew identified a build-up of DD related lameness and levels were too high. In late spring 2017, he signed up to the complimentary Provita Hoofsure HELP service. After the cows were scored by Kieran Donnelly it was confirmed that DD was indeed high with 70% of cows displaying various stages of DD. Initially the cows were spot sprayed with Hoofsure Endurance for 2 weeks followed by daily footbathing.

“We could see rapid progress within a few weeks, initially the active stages dropped down to 35%, and now we are down to 5% to 10%. My hoof-trimmer has noticed a big improvement, and we can now focus on more functional trimming. We now footbath the cows every day and we do the dry cows and heifers once a week. It has become part of my and the cow’s daily routine and it is easily done with the footbath located at the exit of the parlour. At the start of the programme there was a fair investment made in the product but by sticking with the recommendations we have seen very good results. I find the regular visits by Provita rep Kieran beneficial as it is an extra incentive to make sure you stick to the plan so that you don’t allow the DD levels to start to increase again. Also a fresh set of eyes can see things that you miss whenever you are trying to juggle all the various jobs that need done on a daily basis around the farm. With the feet right, the cows are now better able to perform to their full potential. I would never go back to not using Hoofsure Endurance daily.

Hoofsure HELP service is offered by Provita to help farmers identify and manage lameness, and to put effective protocols in place:

  • Initial on-farm lameness and footbath assessment
  • Calculated cost of lost milk yield
  • Recommended footbathing and topical product plan
  • Regular footbath and lameness re-assessment
  • Customised DD APP for mobiles and tablets to show lameness assessment results
  • Free to farmers who order minimum 1-month supply of Hoofsure Endurance footbath solution


Hoofsure Endurance footbath solution is a propriety blend of organics acids, essential oils and wetting agents. Proven to be19% more effective than formaldehyde and 7% more effective than copper sulfate meaning it is safe for the animal, the user and the environment.


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