Footbath to prevent lameness

The Provita stand at this year’s Sheep NI event was a focal point for discussion regarding a wide range of sheep management issues.
“It was tremendous to have so many flockowners coming up and discussing many management related issues which are of key interest to them at the present time,” confirmed Provita’s Tommy Armstrong.
“It was obvious that keeping hoof condition right remains a priority for sheep producers throughout Northern Ireland.
Tommy pointed out that Hoofsure Endurance, the unique footbath solution from Provita, is finding favour with leading sheep producers throughout Northern Ireland.
“It provides a proven means of keeping on top of feet problems within flocks.” he said.
“But in the same way as one swallow does not make a summer, foot bathing once in a blue moon will not deliver the degree of control over hoof problems required by sheep producers.”
Garvagh sheep producer Seamus McLaughlin, a visitor to the Provita stand agreed.
“We have been using Endurance for many years, on a preventative basis. And it works. But sheep and lambs must be foot bathed regularly in order to get the best results.”