ProVitaMin – the proven fertility boost

Annalong Texel breeder Sam Gordon and his son Alistair, owners of the Lindstair flock, are committed to achieving the highest levels of performance from their ewes and other breeding sheep.

And their track record speaks for itself. Lindstair bloodlines have secured top prices in the sale ring throughout the UK over recent years. Moreover, breeding stock sold by Sam and Alistair has helped secure the development of other leading Texel flocks throughout the British Isles.

“Earlier this week Provita’s Tommy Armstrong called in with the Gordon family to assess the quality of the hoggets, which will be going to the ram later in the autumn

“They are all tremendous examples of the Texel breed,” he said.

“Even more impressive is the fact that, since weaning their diet has comprised of grazed grass only, which is supplemented with ProVitaMin Sheep drench when required.

Sam Gordon confirmed that the hoggets will receive their pre-tupping ProVitaMin boost over the coming weeks and will go to the ram in mid-September.

“We have also used the drench extensively on those ewes that we have used for flushing” he added.

“And the results achieved by taking this approach have been very significant. We have doubled the number of eggs produced per ewe since we started drenching with ProVitaMin Sheep drench.”

ProVitaMin comprises a range of chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements in an ultra-concentrated liquid drench form. It is available for sheep, with or without Copper. Both products ensure maximum mineral, trace element and vitamin bioavailability for fertility in ewes and thrive in lambs.

The product contains 24 different elements at a high level to help correct deficiencies, improve fertility and improve performance. The high level of B vitamins will help stimulate appetite and the chelated metals allow for a slow release benefit.

The range is completed by ProVitaMin – ColSelB12, containing Cobalt, Selenium and Vitamin B12 together with high levels of vitamins A, D and E.