Better preservation of crops

Mixed weather has coincided with the start of the second cut silage season.

“Those crops that have been taken are light, but quality is excellent,” explained Provita’s Tommy Armstrong.

“Higher dry mater forages are harder to compact. Under such circumstances regular rolling as the crop goes into the clamp is crucially important, as is the use of a lactic and acetic acid inoculant, such as Advance+. Its use will reduce heating in clamps at feedout, secondary fermentation, mould and yeasts. This will help maintain feeding values and reduce waste once clamps are opened.”

The Provita representative went on to point out that cereal crops intended for ensiling as wholecrop are fast reaching their harvest date.

“Some early winter crops are starting to ripen, some crops will be ready for the clamp soon.” he confirmed.

“There is every reason for farmers to ensure that these high value forages have optimal feeding values when it comes to opening the clamps next winter.”

“Wholecrop forages are prone to heating up when ensiled and, again once the covers are opened. One way of reducing this is to use a proven additive, such as Advance+.

Advance comes in both granular and liquid formulations to suit all types of applicators.  The inoculant can be used with self-propelled and trailed harvesters, forage wagons and ballers.