Wright family farm continues to see great results using Advance+

One farm who has used Advance+ since its launch in 2013 is Jim and Dean Wright from Portadown. They have targeted more milk from forage as an essential performance target.   

Data from the Agrisearch “Grassland performance and its relationship with profitability on 10 Northern Ireland dairy farms” shows milk from forage ranges from 2260 litres to 4550.

Two of the farms with this highest margin were managed very differently but also very efficiently, one yielding 6000 litres on 1 t of meal and the other yielding 8700 litres on 2.3 t of meal. Both achieved approximately 3500 litres from forage. This should be a realistic aim for dairy farmers in Northern Ireland.

For the past number of years Dean has used Provita’s Advance+ inoculant on all his silage crops, including wholecrop. But it was only, when he had the opportunity of taking part in a mini silo test, that he actually got a very clear idea of just how effective the product can be.

“The samples were taken from the same part of a particular field,” Dean explained.

“In that way the grass samples were as identical as they could possibly be.

“The silos were sealed and then opened at the beginning of December. Provita co-ordinated the analysis of both forages.  The difference in the quality of the two silages was more than significant. The treated forage was superior on all counts.” Concluded Dean.

Provita can provide farmers and contractors with the means to apply Advance+ silage inoculant accurately on all types of silage making machines. Cab controlled non-blocking powder, standard liquid, digitally controlled liquid and ultra-low volume systems are available. These can fit self-propelled machines, trailed harvesters, balers and silage wagons. Competitive deals are available when using these machines along with Provita Advance+.