Vital Boost: OVER 3 litres of milk EXTRA at 60 DIM


South Tyrone, 220 cow dairy herd, all year round calving.

100 cows or heifers (1st to 7th lactation animals) recruited to the trial between November 2018 and March 2019.  50 cows would receive Vital Boost feed and 50 cows would receive nothing. All cows got same feeding, housing, vaccinations and other routine management.  The milk yield and fertility parameters for followed for each cow or heifer with the following results recorded:

  • Milk yield results showed that cows that received Vital Boost at calving on average produced an EXTRA 2.8L OF MILK at 30 DAYS IN MILK and an EXTRA 3.3L of MILK at 60 DAYS IN MILK compared to cows that did not receive anything.
  • In terms of fertility, the average number of AI services (mix of semen, dairy and beef semen) needed for another confirmed pregnancy was:
    • services for Vital Boost treated heifers/cows compared to;
    • services for untreated heifers/cows
  • 62% cows given Vital Boost after calving were in calf again after 1st service compared to only 44% cows that were given nothing.