Visit Provita at Royal Ulster Winter Fair

Provita Animal Health are pleased to be exhibiting at The Royal Ulster Winter on 14th December 2017.  This event is an established and highly successful event in the agricultural calendar and is an ideal opportunity for farmers to speak to the Provita team for farm-specific advice and great special offers.  Visitors will also see top class cattle compete for the title of Supreme Champion.

Provita Animal Health has been engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of natural animal health products for many years now.  They are the only GMP licenced facility for the production of veterinary probiotic products and the only FDA audited facility for the production of hoof care products.  Provita are proud to provide farmers in Northern Ireland, and globally, with innovative products to maintain good health and improve animal performance.  The company has an extensive Research & Development Department which has allowed it to develop a range of products specific for all livestock production sectors and they cover a wide range of categories including probiotics, feed supplements, colostrum products, electrolytes, air purifiers, hoof care products, feed additives andmint gels.

Provita will showcase their range of natural animal health products with seasonal key focus on:

Provita Protect POM VPS: the only probiotic medicinally licensed for the prevention of calf scour. It has been clinically proven as a replacement to antibiotics to reduce calf scour by 83% and increase growth rates by 31%.  The clinical expert report for Protect noted that it worked as effectively as an antibiotic in helping to treat calf scour. Also, when calves suffering from pneumonia were observed, they recovered quicker due to the immune stimulation effect of the probiotics.  In in-vitro studies carried out by ADAS (Agricultural Development and Advisory Service), the three strains of lactic acid forming bacteria used in Protect were shown to be inhibitory to eight pathogens common to farm animals.   In independent field trials Protect helped calves up to the age of twelve weeks resist pathogenic infection, thus avoiding the enteric upsets which cause diarrhoea. Furthermore, due to significant reduction in the incidence of scouring in calves, improved growth rates and body condition were observed. Protect also provided substantial protection against nutritional scours under a variety of management systems, regardless of whether calves were bucket or teat fed, and both home-bred dairy replacements and bought-in calves benefited following treatment with Protect.

Provita Calf Colostrum:  Concentrated colostrum powder with egg powder proteins, probiotics and vitamins to provide calves with a complete colostrum feed.  The natural colostrum is absorbed into the blood stream when administered within 6 hours of birth.  Contains the same high-level 2.5 billion multi-strain probiotics that are in Protect which physically exclude harmful pathogens form attaching to the gut wall and improve digestion.  Added vitamins A, D3 &E counter common deficiencies in new born calves.  Energy is provided in high-levels and is easily absorbable.  The lactose and oil provide instant and slow release energy getting the calf up and sucking quickly.

Response calf paste and capsules: orally administered providing energy, colostrum, probiotic, egg powder and vitamins to help prevent digestive upsets and kick-start newborn calves.  The range can be used to bridge the immunity gap which occurs when the passive immunity from colostrum has decreased and the active immunity from calf itself has not increased quickly enough leading to a gap in the immune system. 

Vital Boost: for freshly calved cows has been formulated to specifically meet the needs of freshly calved cows and to ensure their rapid recovery to optimal performance. Used as soon as possible after calving helps to ensure cows have sufficient energy, nutrients and vitamins to optimise recovery for milk production or suckling.

Visit the Provita stand EK50 to discuss farm-specific protocols for this season for all your animal health needs and avail of special offers or orders places on the day!