ProVitaMin Sheep – Read what satisfied flock owners have to say

“Split flock trials showed a 10-15% increase in lambs scanned using ProVitaMin in comparison to our previously preferred drench.”

“ProVitaMin drench is used pre-tupping and on all lambs before weaning to boost weight gain and overall condition for show and sales.  It is a versatile drench and with the small volume application a bottle goes a long way.”

“The flock was split into two groups – the ewes drenched with ProVitaMin tupped several days before those tupped with the competitor product. The ProVitaMin drench was much easier to use as it was a smaller amount given.”

“The results obtained with ProVitaMin were nothing short of remarkable.  Of the two ewes flushed that year, one produced 25 embryos which the other produced 19.  Subsequent to this 23 of the embryos produced were implanted into commercial recipients leading to 18 lambs scanned.  Also used on all the flock, fertility has dramatically improved.”

“The first round of ProVitaMin drench helps boost ewe fertility levels while the second acts to increase lamb vitality. I also ensure that the ewes selected for AI receive the mineral and vitamin boost.  All the lambs get ProVitaMin prior to weaning. This ensures that growth rates are not reduced, once they are taken off their mothers.”

“Using ProVitaMin has boosted ewe and lamb performance in terms of fertility and growth rate. This has resulted in an extra ½ lamb per ewe sold for us this year.”