Provita Hoofsure Endurance in another successful semi-automated system

 Pat Mc Guire runs an autumn calving grazing herd in Rock near Dungannon, Co Tyrone. He is focused on efficiency and managing his cows to target 7000 litres on 1.5 t of meal. When reviewing the herd health plan with his veterinary practice Parklands Veterinary Group an easy to use footbathing system was identified as being needed on the farm. When Digital Dermatitis (DD) first took hold 3/4 of the cows had a problem.


Previously the farm had used a plastic bath with ridges, however cows were reluctant to go through it no matter how many times it was used. Various products including antibiotic footbaths were used but they didn’t work.


Spot spraying with antibiotics (AB) was used but again the lameness issues kept coming back. This reoccurrence of DD after AB usage was also reported in recent research published at the recent International Lameness Conference, held in Munich. A longer-term study led by Coatney from USA showed that the majority of infections treated with an antibiotic reoccurred later when assessed after 120 days.  This would confirm the need for a treatment and control strategy to be used together – topical product applications and footbathing, such as Hoofsure Konquest and Hoofsure Endurance.


Pat attended a Provita lameness event and then contacted the company to assess the herd and the footbathing set up under the Hoofsure HELP service. From the assessment it was identified that cows could return via the crush to the feeding area after footbathing. Provita were able to have a stainless steel chequered plate footbath commissioned to fit the race.


“The cows quickly got used to going through the footbath” commented Pat. The cows soon figure out that the footbath is more solid and are happy to go through it.


“With an easy to use semi- automated footbath in place the farmer and the cows get used to it so it’s easier to use every day. Pat is changing the bath every 3 days so it’s very cost effective,” commented Tommy Armstrong.


“The few cows that had mild DD have cleared up and the bath is preventing problems reoccurring,” concluded Pat.


The full Hoofsure range by Provita includes: Hoofsure Endurance footbath solution, a scientifically proven proprietary blend of organic acids, essential oils and wetting agents. Hoofsure Konquest is a scientifically proven proprietary concentrated gel, for topical application. Hoofsure Combat is a unique film-forming hoof spray containing a proprietary blend of organic acids and essential oils, providing persistent longer lasting activity.


For a free Hoofsure HELP herd lameness and footbathing set up assessment call Provita on 08003284982