Provita Advance+ – The multi-functional inoculant

Provita Advance+ is available in liquid and granular form. The ready to use granular product is available in 20kg tubs that treats 50 tonne and is applied at 400g per tonne treated. The 1 kg powder to liquid box treats 100 tonnes of silage. Advance+ liquid is a ready to use product and can be applied at standard 2L per tonne treated down to low-volume 40ml per tonne.

Provita Advance+ for wholecrop:

Co Armagh milk producer and beef farmer Dean Wright will grow approximately 40-45 acres of wholecrop each year.

“It was out of curiosity that I used Provita Advance+ on the wholecrop, which I had already used for a few years on our grass. The results were very pleasing as the wholecrop fermented well and there was very little spoilage.  I would say it did as good a job as the wholecrop inoculant I had used and Advance+ was less expensive. When I compared my wholecrop that year to a neighbour who had used a wholecrop specific inoculant, I could see no difference.  Therefore I could not justify paying a higher price and have stuck with Advance+ since then.’

Provita Advance+ for silage:

Independent Feeds, a Cheshire based company are a fantastic partner in distributing Provita Advance+ under the name Provita Provance in Great Britain.

Independent Feed’s customer Mark Truman who milks 300 cows in Leicestershire commented, ‘I noticed when handling the treated silage was much stickier and smelt sweeter, this was confirmed by analysis.’

Provita Advance+ for round bales:

Farmers who have used Advance+ silage inoculant on bales have seen the benefits of this through bales keeping better for longer and more quality in terms of higher energy and protein. A Co. Tyrone farmer commented:

‘When the bales are treated with Advance+ silage inoculant, it will easily keep fresh in the passageway for a week when it would normally go off after 3 or 4 days. You can see the difference in the colour. The treated silage held its colour for longer whereas the untreated would go dark and off. Animal performance was very high on the treated silage, were beef bred dairy cattle put on 1.2 kg – 1.5 kg live weight gain per day, along with between 2 kg to 6 kg of concentrate depending on the growing or finishing stage.’

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