New look for Provita Response Paste

Provita Response paste has been given a brand new look with a fresh design, along with an easy to open sturdy display box. The popular paste when administered to newly born calves provides an energy boost to improve gut condition, digestion and growth rates. Product is available in 15g tubes for one calf application or 35g tubes for two calf applications.

Provita Tommy Armstrong says, “Following the success of the product, we were keen to create an impactful design which would be more noticeable on the shelf”

Dairy farmer Emma Roskilly from Cornwall states, “I swear by Provita Response Paste. We have tried other products but none proved as effective. We now use it to give our calves a boost after scours, in stressful times like weaning and as an insurance policy to ensure that our calf survival rate is as high as possible.”