Provita Promist

25L of Promist does approximately 100 head of cattle, this will vary depending on farm set up and weather conditions. It should be used at housing or when new stock are introduced onto the farm as a cocktail of pathogens can spread when animals from different sources are mixed. Thereafter use as often as required, e.g. when more stock is added to cattle houses or during still weather conditions until air flow improves. It can also be used daily in houses that have permanently poor air flow. Promist will reduce ammonia, dust and lower the pH. It should be used above and around the cattle and will purify the air, the surfaces and the animals. Its herbs will provide an expectorant effect.

Brothers Ian and William Brock manage a 120 strong herd of Charolais cross Limousin suckler cows near Belleek in Co Fermanagh. The cows calve the year round with an approximate 60: 40 Spring/Autumn split.

The brothers have built up cow numbers over the past six years. Emphasis has always been placed on breeding cows that are capable of rearing top quality suckled calves.

“Because of our calving pattern and the fact that we retain calves through to the yearling stage, our sheds are heavily stocked, particularly during the autumn and winter months. We try to wean spring calving cows prior to housing,” Ian further explained.

“And, of course, this puts stress on young calves as they are housed. In the past we would have had issues with calves coughing and some actually taking Pneumonia. Once the coughing started, the end result was a general fall-off in growth rates within the shed.

The Brocks’ traditional response to such developments was to call for veterinary advice and the inevitable reliance on antibiotics as a means of getting to grips with the problem.   Last year, however, they have tried a different approach altogether. Ian takes up the story:

“We have always favoured a prevention rather than cure approach to matters of an animal health nature. And, in this regard, we were advised to use Provita’s Promist product in the sheds as soon as the cattle were housed.

“It creates a menthol smelling mist in the shed, created by the electrically powered applicator. I used it on a daily basis in the calf shed for the first month or so after housing and the results have been tremendous. We didn’t have one case of pneumonia to deal with last year and the calves responded in spades regarding the growth rates they achieved.

“We cut back slightly on the application rate frequency of the product once the calves are well settled into their winter accommodation. However, I would firmly recommend the use of Promist to all farmers rearing calves and, particularly on those farms where the risk of young stock taking pneumonia is high.”

Provita Promist is a unique air purifier containing a blend of natural organic acids, essential oils and wetting agents which together help control the levels of  particulates and ammonia in the housing of  intensively reared livestock. It costs approximately £2 per head per winter.

Ian Brock concluded:

“I am naturally sceptical about claims made for animal health products. However, where Promist is concerned the response that we have received in terms of improved calf health this winter has been nothing short of remarkable.”