Maize crop growing well for Connons

Francis and Joe Connon farm a mixed suckled, beef, sheep and biogas farm in Limavady. Their Maize crop has been doing very well this year. It was planted first week of May under plastic and is now standing 8 to 9 foot tall.

“It got well fed with FYI and fertiliser, and we’re expecting to harvest around 20 tonne per acre in October. It will be used for finishing cattle and the digester. Cattle are currently finishing on 3 to 5 kg of maize, 5kg of silage and 10 kg of meal. A lot of them are away at 350kg at 14/15 months”, commented Francis. “We roll it as it goes in and use Provita Advance+ to help reduce the wastage. We only started last year with Maize and would be very happy with it and will continue to grow it and use Advance+ in future”

Provita Advance+ is the only silage inoculant manufactured in Northern Ireland to EFSA, UFAS and feed standards. It contains three unique strains at a 1.2 million bacteria per g of forage and produces lactic and acetic acid to improve fermentation and stability. This results in better animal performance and less waste. Advance+ has been specifically formulated for use on grass, wholecrop and maize.