Lameness problems? Provita are here to HELP.

In recent months Provita have been providing a new service designed to help farmers reduce Digital Dermatitis related lameness. An initial, no obligation, on farm assessment and a Digital Dermatitis check will be carried out by a fully trained member of our team. If the farmer adopts the plan recommended and tailored for them, a one month call back visit is arranged and the progress will be checked. After this, the plan can be maintained, increased or decreased depending on results. Once our team and the farmer are confident that the routine is working progress will be monitored on bi monthly or quarterly visits.

“Over the past few months we have been rolling out this new service, and so far this approach to controlling Digital Dermatitis related lameness has proven very popular. Our newest sales representative, Kieran Donnelly has been tasked with ensuring that everyone who signs up for the HELP service receives the best attention possible”, commented Provita’s Tommy Armstrong.

Provita have visited Eric Bloomfield from Portglenone twice in the last two months. He runs a 90 cow dairy herd. Eric had previously used Hoofsure Endurance, and when Kieran called out to him about the HELP service he was initially reluctant to try it. However once Kieran explained that HELP involved a unique step by step approach for controlling lameness, Eric felt it was worth receiving a DD parlour score to see how it could work for him.

‘I had struggled with Digital Dermatitis on my farm, and had tried many other products to control it however nothing seemed to control the problem effectively. I thought the HELP service sounded worthwhile as Kieran called out to check the levels of lameness, and set up a tailored plan for me. This was unlike anything I had heard about before,’ Eric commented.

The initial inspection on Eric’s farm showed that 33% of the milking herd had Digital Dermatitis, which was higher than Eric had expected. The cost of which, in terms of milk loss alone amounted to c. £435.00 per month. If fertility, body condition and other associated hoof problems were accounted for, the cost would be much higher. Kieran was able to show Eric the problem cases in the parlour and in order to get the problem under control, initially Kieran recommended that Eric use Hoofsure Endurance six times a week, 3 days footbathing and 3 days spot spraying. When under control spraying can then be reduced to twice a week.

Since then Kieran has called out to the farm for a second time, and rescored the herd. This inspection showed that the level of Digital Dermatitis had reduced to just 3%. These results were also verified independently by David Hayman, his hoof trimmer. He noted that this time last year fifteen cows out of the twenty which were presented to him had a Digital Dermatitis problem, whereas this year he only had one cow with Digital Dermatitis. Trenie from Parklands Veterinary Group, who recently carried out a herd health visit on Eric’s farm, also commented on how good the herd condition is.

By focusing on Digital Dermatitis and taking a more proactive approach to controlling the problem Eric has seen huge changes to his herd. “By using Hoofsure within the plan and with the support of Kieran, I’m saving money and the cows are in better form which means I’m in better form. This is especially important during the current market conditions.”

More information on how the Hoofsure HELP service call Kieran Donnelly on 07739099230.