Increased Demand for Round Bales Treated with Silage Inoculant

An increasing number of silage baler contractors are now putting on silage inoculant applicators, due to increased demand from farmers.

The most suitable applicator for bales is the liquid system and these can range from speed control systems to digitally controlled systems. Liquid is best for using with bales as the nozzles allow a good spread of inoculant across the full width of the row of grass.   Provita can source these applicators plus granular applicators as a means to apply Advance+ silage inoculant accurately on all types of silage making machines. Cab controlled non-blocking powder, standard liquid, digitally controlled liquid and ultra-low volume systems are available. These can fit balers, self-propelled machines, trailed harvesters and silage wagons. Competitive deals are available when using these machines along with Provita Advance+.  Farmers who have used Advance+ silage inoculant on bales have seen the benefits of this through bales keeping better for longer and more quality in terms of energy and protein. A Co Tyrone farmer commented:

‘When the bales are treated with Advance+ silage inoculant, it will easily keep fresh in the passageway for a week when it would normally go off after 3 or 4 days. You can see the difference in the colour. The treated silage held its colour for longer whereas the untreated would go dark and off. Animal performance was very high on the treated silage were beef bred dairy calves grew at between 1.2kilos and 1.5kilos of live weight gain per day, along with between 2 kilos to 6 kilos of meal depending on the growing or finishing stage.’