Get more out of your forage with Advance+ Silage Inoculant

Recent research has shown that dry matter losses are costing farmers on average £26 per tonne of DM, with this figure likely to be considerably more in 2022 based on current input costs. Simple changes in silage making practices like ensuring a rapid wilt to a target of 30% DM as quickly as possible to make sure grass is dry enough for the clamp or bale while avoiding losses of essential nutrients. Also using a silage additive like Advance+ will drive a faster fermentation once ensiled, thus reducing DM losses during this process to improve protein and sugar levels and intake potential.

Advance+ consistently improves silage quality when forage analyses are taken. Based on data from a bank of 200+ samples from 2018, Advance+ had the following benefits:

  1. Reduction of 3.5% DM losses i.e., extra 35 tonne DM in 1000 tonne clamp
  2. Extra 0.52 MJ/kg of Metabolisable Energy (ME) which can provide extra 3 L of milk from forage – based on 30kg DM forage intake
  3. Extra 46% sugar content as Advance+ bugs are more efficient during fermentation 

Typically using Advance+ will yield a return on investment of 6:1 even in good weather conditions.  Advance+ will have a cost equivalent to 4-5P per cow per day and calculated milk yield response can be up to 3 Litres per cow per day. Therefore, for no more than 5 cents you are likely to get back £1 + on every cow, every day. A sound investment you would agree!

Advance+ has been widely used throughout UK and Ireland, plus further afield export markets, with excellent forage results consistently seen.  

Don’t just take our word for it – here is some feedback from Advance+ users:

“We have had consistently good silage since using Advance+, even in wetter years or more difficult conditions. I am very happy to continue using Advance+ on future crops to maximise my ewe and flock performance”

“Tremendous results with Advance+: really sweetens our silage and makes good silage even better!”

“Annual forage analysis confirms every time the benefit of applying Advance+ to forage – results are always superior to untreated samples adding extra value to the silage, which results in a genuine return on investment for the farm”

“Annual forage analysis confirms every time the benefit of applying Advance+ to forage – results are always superior to untreated samples adding extra value to the silage, which results in a genuine re“I am happy to attribute my commitment to using Provita’s Advance+ inoculant as a significant factor in allowing me to make high quality silage. We have been using the product for the past 20 years – it gets the pH within the clamp down very quickly. But it’s at feeding out that I see the real benefit of the product”turn on investment for the farm”

“We never get secondary fermentation on the face of the silage clamp. Our first cut silo is very wide. But even with this we never see any deterioration in the quality of the silage that is going into the feeder wagon. Another key benefit is the zero losses of forage at the surface and shoulders of the clamp. Again, I put this down to the effect of the inoculant”

“If you want to get the maximum milk and beef from your grass then yes you need to be using a silage inoculant and based on our tests so far the best product to do this is Provita Advance+.”

“The difference when we opened the mini silo test was remarkable. The Advance+ treated silage was much sweeter smelling and you could feel that is was much drier versus the untreated silage.  The intake model has indicated we get an extra 1 ltr/cow/day with a return on investment 6:1”  

“Advance+ helped us achieve good growth rates and the face kept well even with a 35% dry matter on the second cut.  It also helped keep sugars high on the first cut with the mini silo test showing it kept twice as much sugar in the crop, our fermentations and intakes are very good for both cuts”

*References available on request.
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