Craigdoo flock benefits from ProVitaMin and Pedigree

The Grant brothers Mike, John and Patrick run the successful Craigdoo Suffolk and Blackie flocks near Kilcoo in Co Down. John and Patrick are veterinarians, involved as a partner and a pig specialist, and sheep specialist respectively within the Parklands Veterinary Group. Their farm is situated 600ft above sea level near the Mourne mountains. The enterprises consist of 130 pure breed Lanark Blackface ewes, 75 pedigree Suffolk ewes, 500 commercial ewes, 7,000 finishing pigs and a suckler herd. Recent successes include receiving £9,000 for a Blackie at Lanark in 2017. The brothers are driven to achieve even more success in the future. With an extensive embryo transfer program this year, they are set to continue the rapid genetic progression of their flocks.

Soil and blood tests have shown the farm has low Ievels of key minerals such as selenium, cobalt and copper. In order to counteract these deficiencies the Grant’s use a multi-faceted protocol including the following: meal, boluses and drenches. ProVitaMin ultra-concentrated drench ensures maximum bioavailability for fertility in ewes and thrive in lambs.

“We give ProVitaMin pre-tupping and to lambs every 4 to 6 weeks and when they are being handled. The Suffolks have scanned at 200%. We started lambing in December and aim to have a group of lambs weighing 100kg by the end of July, ready to go to the key pedigree shows. We also use Provita Pedigree feed additive which provides extra minerals, vitamins, probiotics, pre-biotics and yeast” commented Mike.

Provita Pedigree is a palatable natural feed supplement containing three different beneficial bacteria and two yeasts; these increase the animal’s digestion rate and efficiency. Provita Pedigree results in better feed-intake, higher growth rates and improved feed conversion ratio. It eliminates digestive upsets associated with high feed levels. Pedigree animals that are fed Provita Pedigree can perform to their full genetic potential.

ProVitaMin is a high quality drench containing a range of chelated minerals, vitamins and 25 trace elements at optimal levels in an ultra-concentrated liquid drench form. These will provide breeding ewes with an important nutritional boost to improve body condition pre-tupping, thus increasing fertilisation and ovulation rate, and helping to produce healthy, well developed lambs. There are particular vitamins and minerals which are most important for pre-tupping. Cobalt supports healthy egg production and foetal development and helps improve lamb vigour at birth. Vitamin E helps to ensure the maximum opportunity for a successful pregnancy. Vitamin B12 helps to support healthy ewe condition. Vitamin B9 facilitates in ensuring that there are less birth defects in the lamb. ProVitaMin should also be given to lambs post-weaning to enhance growth rates.

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