Provita Lamb Colostrum improving lamb survival rates

Edwin Allen runs a 100-strong flock of Mule, Texel and Charollais cross ewes near Orritor in Co Tyrone. The sheep are part of a mixed farming business, which also includes suckler cows and a dairying enterprise.

Lambing got underway this year at the very end of January. However, the bulk of the ewes will lamb over the coming weeks.

“Everything is crossed with a Texel tip in order to produce lambs with high quality carcases,” Edwin explained.

“The ewes were in excellent condition when the rams went in last back end. So we are expecting a heavy crop of lambs over the coming weeks.

“Obtaining the best possible daily growth rates is also important. If everything goes according to plan, we will take the first draft of lambs in May with the rest to follow over the subsequent weeks.”

All the ewes on the Allen farm are lambed indoors and then put out to grass 24 hours or so after giving birth.

“All of this is dependent on the weather and the grazing conditions,” Allen explained.

“Thankfully we have a fair amount of available grass for the ewes at the present time.”

As Edwin is quick to point out, giving the lambs the best possible start is crucially important.

“We ensure that all the newborns get sufficient colostrum. Where triplets are concerned, we top up the mother’s colostrum with Provita colostrum fed via a bottle. We take the same approach with any of the lambs that are weak or who did not get a decent suck from their mother.

“We have taken this management approach for the last number of years and it has worked well in terms of improving lamb survival rates. The colostrum powder is easy to mix and is very easy to administer.”

Provita’s Tommy Armstrong was a recent visitor to the Allen farm.

“Provita Lamb Colostrum has a rich consistency and is easy to mix, which is especially important during the night. In light of this Edwin considers the cost as being inexpensive as it is saving the lives of numerous lambs.

“The current strength of the commercial market makes it all the more important for flockowners to keep as many lambs as possible alive.”

Edwin also pointed out that he regards the Provita colostrum as a proven product

“The additional benefit of using the Provita product, in tandem with natural feeding, is that we know the lambs have received their full colostrum requirement quickly. In short, it gives us total piece of mind,” he concluded.

“Provita Colostrum Concentrate works in a unique way. It provides a high level of natural EU sourced colostrum, probiotics, added egg powder and vitamins carried in a nutritional energy source, providing 200 calories for the full 50g application” he explained.

“The level of probiotics and energy is higher than natural colostrum so our colostrum gives the lambs enough protection and energy to get up and suck themselves. As billions of probiotics are seeded in the lamb they grow rapidly and provide a more long term benefit whilst still allowing the lamb to build its own active immunity.  Its easy-mix formula makes it fast and practical to use.”

The Provita colostrum is available in 12x50g sachets, 500g tub, 1.25kg and 2.5kg tubs. There is up to 20% extra free on the large tubs at participating outlets, promotion valid only while stocks last.