Give your stock the mineral and vitamin boost they need now

With analysis results confirming that trace mineral and vitamin levels in 2012 silages are at record low levels, Provita is advising farmers to take the required corrective action with pre lambing sheep, pre calving cows and young stock now.

ProVitaMin is a new range of chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements in an ultra-concentrated liquid drench form. This innovative product will be strongly profild on the Provita stand at Fintona 2013.The cattle drench format contains all the essential chelated minerals, vitamins and trace element that cows need at calving time. The product is also designed to improve fertility, growth performance and thriftiness in cattle.

ProVitaMin Cattle drench is particularly useful for calves, cows pre-calving, cows pre-service, flushing and beef cattle. Due to the weather this year, animals are more deficient and feed is providing fewer nutrients than normal, most cattle will therefore respond very positively to the ProVitaMin drench” Provita’s Tommy Armstrong explained.

“The new product contains 25 different elements at a high level to help correct deficiencies, improve fertility and improve performance. The high level of B vitamins will help stimulate appetite and the chelated metals allow for a slow release benefit.

“As a consequence of its highly concentrated formula, a 50ml dose is all that’s required for adult cattle, facilitating quick and easy drenching.

Tommy added:

ProVitaMin is also available for sheep, with or without Copper. Both new products ensure maximum mineral, trace element and vitamin bioavailability for fertility in ewes and thrive in lambs.

“The new range is completed by ProVitaMin – ColSelB12, containing Cobalt, Selenium and Vitamin B12 together with high levels of vitamins A, D and E.”

“We will be doing a special launch offer of order one get one free at the show, the product will then be supplied via local Provita stockists.”