Excellent results achieved with Provita Advance+ Silage Inoculant

On-farm tests carried out on the reformulated Provita Advance+ have demonstrated its unique ability to substantially improve fermentation in a wide range of conditions.

Provita Advance+ achieved excellent results through the new standardised EU registration system. Farmers were curious to test the benefits themselves. Provita devised and supervised a mini silo testing system where farmers could compare a treated and untreated sample from the same cut, the same field at the same time just a few meters apart, the on farm results were also excellent.

One local farmer who purchased Advance+ in 2014 from Cornwall Farmers was Andrew Jackson, Trethawle Farm, Liskeard. He has been delighted with the results. The farm buys Aberdeen Angus beef animals at c. 200kg to 250kg and aim to take them to 550kg at 17/18 months.

“We tried Advance+ for the first time last year as we wanted to make big bale westerwold grass silage and feed it within one week. It turned out really stable and the animals loved it plus the bales stayed stable for over a week after opening.

Normally we feed a maize wholecrop mix plus barley but when we switched to the Advance+ treated big bale grass plus barley we got much better daily live weight gains and better kill out grades.

Andrew concluded; “We were so impressed by the performance of Advance+ that we will be making clamp silage next year with westerwold grass which is high yielding one year crop plus red clover to boost protein. This will allow us to feed all our beef animals next year with the Advance+ treated silage.”

“The fantastic results Andrew has experienced are confirmed by the analysis of the big bales” commented Provita’s technical sales manager Tommy Armstrong.

“Digestibility was 73%, Dry Matter 47%, ME 11.7, Protein 12.6, Ammonia 4.6, pH 4.3, residual sugars 11.9% and an intake value of 125 which was off the scale. Interestingly the bales remained stable for a week when opened even with such a high dry matter, high sugar and in warm temperatures. This was due to the unique strains in Advance+ which are designed to improve stability.

Advance+ is available in granular ready to use 20kg pack to treat 50 tonnes of crop and 1kg powder to liquid product to treat 100 tonnes of crop.

For more information phone Cornwall Farmers on 0845 2255 922 or technical enquires call Tommy Armstrong from Provita on 077 2010 1444.